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Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

What is the shoes' length?

Length varies, depending on the size:


S (0-6 months): inner length (slip-sole) 11 cm; total length (sole) 11,5 cm

M (6-12 months):cinner length (slip-sole) 12 cm; total length (sole) 12,5 cm

L (12-18 months): inner length (slip-sole) 13 cm; total length (sole) 13,5 cm

XL (18-24 months):inner length (slip-sole) 14 cm; total length (sole) 14,5 cm

What material are the shoes made of?

All models are made of 100% high-quality sheep and cow leather. All models feature a synthetic slip-sole for added comfort and insulation on colder and uneven surfaces.

How can I be sure these shoes are safe?

All dyes and colorings used for the shoes' production have been certified by an independent laboratory as compliant with the European standard for safety of kids' goods and toys: European Standart of Safety EN71-3:1994, amendment A1:2000/AC:2002 migration of certain elements и Annex XVII Item 43 of the REACH Regulation EC No 1907/2006 and Amendment No552/2009 & No276/2010 (Formerly known as Directive 2002/61/EC Azo Dyes).

Where do you deliver to?

Wherever you want us to! We work with Econt couriers for the territory of Bulgaria. Your shipment within the country will be delivered to an address for BGN 4,00 or delivered to an Econt office near you for BGN 2,50. 


If you live outside of Bulgaria, fear not. We also deliver internationally:


witin Europe:

economic, no tracking: BGN 2,80 - default option

express, tracked: BGN 7,00 - want to be VIP? Please contact us after finalizing your order


outside Europe:

economic, no tracking: BGN 6,00 - default option

express, tracked: BGN 8,00 - again, please contact us after finalizing your order


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on where and how you want it delivered:

  • for Bulgaria - 1-2 workdays
  • for Europe - economic delivery within 5 workdays; express - within 3workdays
  • outside Europe - economic delivery within 7-10 workdays; express delivery - within 5-7 workdays

Delays are always possible. If your order experiences an unusual delay, please contact us.


How about wearing the shoes bare-foot?

This is fine. Mind though, as with all leather shoes, wearing them bare-foot for a prolonged period may lead to a brown pigmentation of the skin. This is a natural process, related to the leather dye treatment and should not represent a threat to your baby or child, in case it doesn;t have any specific allergies. We encourage you to seek a medical advice in order to guarantee your baby or child's health and safety.

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.