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About Us




How we started

The Mish Kish websrtore project has been created by Boyka Mihaylova and Angel Milev - one being media & marketing specialist, the other - a project consultant; first and foremost, both parents. Mish Kish was conceived with the mission to provide high-quality, handmade products using safe-certified, high-grade materials, at affordable prices to babies and kids in their first years of age.
Our selection has been carefully created with the first premise that we only offer you what we would offer our own child - therefore, amongst all other national and EU safety standardization it covers, it is also personally tried, tested and approved by our daughter, Misha.
We sincerely hope our variety of products brings you the feel-good-look-good vibe, cheer and happy mood it has ignited in us while building and presenting it here for you.
You're most welcome.
Boyka, Angel and Misha